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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Good List

I don't know about you, but I am very good at keep a mental score card of all the 'bad' things I do, say, think, feel or eat. I feel guilty if I may have unintentionally offended someone...who may not really be offended...but I could see how my words might have come off badly...maybe they didn't notice...should I apologize the next day anyway? *sigh* Yeah, I'm an expert at keeping my 'bad' list.

So where's my 'good' list? The 'good' I seem to forget. Making this list feels weird, though. Part of me thinks it's selfish to think about the 'good' things I've said, thought, felt or ate. The bad list keeps me humble...right?

Thanks to a Weight Watchers meeting, my new list is only 14 days old, but it includes one thing a day that I'm proud of or makes me feel good. I wrote down a compliment that someone gave me - in quotes. I wrote down a good decision I made, a salad I ate and an idea that I came up with. 

I'm truly surprised at how this list of 14 things makes me feel about myself and the difference it's made. My life is not a list of bad decisions and I get to acknowledge that. Not only has this list been helpful, but it's also freeing to give myself permission to feel good.