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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pick Your Hard

This isn't an original. I don't claim it. I heard it at a Weight Watchers meeting about a year ago. Today, it came back to me.

Losing weight is hard.
Being overweight is hard.

Pick your hard.

Funny that today, I realized that this is everything in life. Going after your passion is hard, but sitting on your passion is hard. Keeping faith through tough times is hard, but losing your faith is hard.

So what "hards" are you trying to choose between? It's all hard, my friends. Pick the one that gives you the ultimate joy in pursuing. Yeah, it's hard, but pick the hard that worth it.


PaperOnParade said...

Fasting in hard but much easier than living without a relationship with Christ!

Sue London said...

Excellent sentiment and even if you didn't come up with the idea you delivered it well. I may be printing that out to hang up... pretty much everywhere. :)

April Rickard said...

Thanks for stopping by Sue. I appreciate the comment!