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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Have you ever done a bunch of dumb things to avoid something you knew had to be done?  Instead of jumping with both feet towards our dreams, we avoid it by....eating donuts, playing video games, watching a movie, eating donuts, checking on all our Facebook friends, writing a blog.....  None of things are wrong, but if done simply to avoid something else, they can't truly be enjoyed.

If we have a dream we're going after, but aren't sure how to get there -- wouldn't it be better to sit down and map out a plan than to run to Home Depot to remodel the bathroom?  While the bathroom project may be necessary, after it's completed, the details of the big dream still haven't been solved.  In this case, Breath-taking Bathroom = Disorganized Dream.

Let's say we made our New Year's resolution to lose weight, but we never join a gym, buy vegetables, seek out a plan that works, find support or get rid of the Cheetos -- instead we go to the local animal shelter and get a cat.  Hurray for saving the cat's life, but what about our life?   We get an immediate feel-good, but still haven't dealt with the long term needs.

It's hard to be human.  We feel feelings.  Feelings don't always feel good.  Love is amazing, but a broken heart can kill us.  Maybe it's easier to eat than to feel lonely?  But, maybe, if we took the time to feel our feelings, we could deal with them.  Maybe really feeling loneliness could lead to action which brings internal comfort.  Maybe actually confronting the disappointment in the mirror can lead to the true desire to change.


Misti said...

Ummmm... have you taken up residence in my head? Seriously. It's like you've been in there. I so need to find my way again, but yet haven't. Thank you for this post, you've given me a lot to think about.

April Rickard said...

Glad you stopped by Misti! And, I wrote this one because it's where I was at last night :) Sounds like we're in similar places. Go us!