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Monday, June 7, 2010

Do De Dewing

Often times in nature, I find things that amaze me. More often, it's the smallest things that I hadn't stopped to consider before. One of those things that I "discovered" a few months ago was "dew point." I was so enthralled by the point of dew that I decided to name my new promotion business after it, DewPoint Studios - and here's why:

Dew Point is actually the temperature that the air needs to cool to in order for dew to appear. That temperature varies, depending on humidity and a few other factors. The drier the air, the lower the dew point temperature.

What occurred to me is this is the point of change. Almost like magic, this temperature is when water moves from an unseen vapor to real, tangible water. It's the action point - it's seeing something come to pass, not wishing for it.

Also, "dew" is in the Bible thirty-seven times. It's considered a great blessing of God, even preceding the manna from heaven that God blessed the Israelites with in the desert (Numbers 11:9).

This just translates so well to our goals, dreams and grandest desires. When we identify what we want to happen in the future, it's essentially born into existence - into a vapor. We can't actually see it yet, but it's there. As we work and struggle and fall and triumph, we're creating the right conditions - cooling the air. At the point when we see the dream come true (celebrate that goal weight, sell that painting, hold that baby, finish that race), it's the dew point. We've walked into the reality that was only a vapor before.

What are you DEWing?

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Dionne said...

I just learned something new! It's been so long since we've chatted, congrats on your business!